Clinics can be tailor-made for individual clients inclusive of:

• Dressage training to improve test riding, accuracy, quality of work and the horses mental approach. Video analysis available on request.

• Simulated xc sessions to include corners, skinnies, angles, water, drops, steps etc, all on a surface.



• Tuesday Show Jump Training sessions. Course practice over a full set of BSJA showjumps including trays, combinations, etc with a variety of bright educational fences. The fences are adjusted to any height required with constructive help on the ground.



• Water schooling clinics. The ideal way to train confidence and performance in water.

• Residential courses. Tailor-made short courses for the individual to include all aspects of event training. Stabling on site with a local B&B if required. Design your own package, including: dressage and in board training, show jump training, XC and speed training, advice on planning the season and moving up a level, fitness advice for horse and rider.

Clinic prices

Clinic prices vary at different venues. Please check with Caroline for prices of private, shared and group sessions.


Caroline Moore

For more information
on any of these clinics
please contact Caroline.

Caroline Moore
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